Welcome to Brisbane Natural Therapies Clinic

Brisbane Natural Therapies Clinic is a mobile Naturopathy clinic operated by Gary Watson who works as a Naturopath, Herbalist, Classical Homoeopath and Iridologist.

I am based in Samford Valley, QLD and can travel to you if you live in Brisbane suburbs or anywhere in between Toowoomba, Ipswich, Noosa and the Gold Coast. See the “Costs” page for prices.

I also go to major shows in other states. The list below gives places and dates.

Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney Thu 25 May  – Sun 28 May 2017
Darling Harbour Venue
Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne Thu 09 Jun  – Sun 12 Jun 2017
Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney Thu 26 Oct  – Sun 29 Oct 2017
Sydney Olympic Park
Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne Fri 17 Nov  – Sun 19 Nov 2017
Mind Body Spirit Festival Brisbane Fri 23 Feb  – Sun 25 Feb 2018


On this website go to the relevant pages and you can view and download recent health information, Ayurvedic diets, health questionnaires and many iris photos. You can see if and when I am coming to your town or city.At the clinic I use Iridology to look at your long term health You will get to take 2 photos of your eyes home [see eye photo example pics] I like to test you for your Zinc level using a simple taste test [see Zinc test page] I use Ayurvedic [ancient Indian] diets [see diet page] I will ask you questions on your health [see questionnaire page] I will also advise on the appropriate medications such as Ayurvedic herbs, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, vitamins and minerals. Gary has 24 years experience as a Naturopath, with a specialised focus on German Iridology.

Iridology is a fascinating way of looking at your health as it can help to find the cause of illnesses. It looks at your inherited tendency to major and minor illnesses. The cause of problems that are experienced by patients but are often unable to be detected by other methods, can often be seen in Iridology. Iridology looks at everything such as stomach and digestive problems, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, allergy causes, liver, gallbladder, blood sugar, hormonal problems, lungs, kidneys, thyroid, weight, skin problems and many other areas. A good example is headaches. Headaches can be caused by many reasons such as muscle tension, digestive toxins, allergies, low blood sugars, hormonal problems and liver problems. All these areas need to be looked at to determine what the treatment priorities are. Once weaknesses and deficiencies are detected then a treatment using vitamins, minerals or herbs can be used to treat the problem and its underlying causes. Gary’s home base is in Samford Valley, near Brisbane in Queensland, but he has built up a following all over Australia with his mobile clinic. Gary can be found at Mind Body Spirit shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. He also runs clinics in other centres such as Toowoomba, Goondiwindi, Gold Coast, Woodford and Bangalow. If you want to find out where Gary will be next, have a look at the Mobile clinic page.

“I recommend Gary because of my personal experience. After having my eyes photographed, Gary gave me a diagnosis and suggestions to take specific nutrients. Within 24 hours I was feeling pain/ache free and I have more energy. My experience could be different to yours but I highly recommend you give Gary a try.”, Daisy

If you have any health issues or are just curious to see what illnesses you may develop in the future book an appointment with Gary now on 0421 830 139 or [email protected] behealthy.com.au