Thank you to every one that has sent a testimonial to me. I appreciate the positive feedback. If you would like to send me a testimonial please email me at [email protected]

LR Melbourne [Dec 2016]

I will start with Thermoburn as that was fantsatic last time. I lost 15 kilos

RW Brisbane [October 2016]

Thank you very much for today – it was definitely an eye opener and confirmed a lot of medical issues I have been dealing with most of my life and have not been able to discover through general medical practictioners. It can be very frustrating some times to continue speaking with doctors telling them how you feel and they keep telling you, you are okay.

FG Melbourne [Nov 2016]

I must say you are the best iridologist i have ever consulted and your report in November 2015 described my health 100 per cent.

B from Sydney
The P – Lift has been amazing! My period has been flowing great for the last 3 cycles.
Resilian was a bit hard starting as I experienced headaches for 1 week. So I dropped down to 1 capsule twice per day and then eventually increased it to 2 capsules twice per day. It has really helped relax me and not get too anxious about stuff at work.

VS Melbourne [Feb 2016]

I was absolutely amazed how accurate your assessment was! I was experiencing a lot of health issues at the time and you recognized all of them: high stomach acid, tired nervous system, joint pains, especially right knee, thyroid issues…

ST QLD [Jan 2016]

I wanted to let you know that the advice you gave me has been very valuable.

You diagnosed a few ailments but mainly Leakey Gut Syndrome and I have been using the suggested supplements for just over a week. At the same time I have cleaned up my diet by following sugar free eating.

I am sure there is a long way to go but even in this short time I have seen positive improvements. I have always been ” aware” of my stomach and gut by bloating, pain, gas, popping sounds, constipation etc however my stomach is quiet and feeling a part of my body (don’t know how else to explain it) instead of always telling me it’s not right.

I will continue to keep this new regime as part of my life and wish to thank you for all the help and good advice, I really appreciate it.

JG Vic [Nov 2015]

I just wanted to say thank you for the info and time you spent with me today. I honestly didn’t think you would find much, but was surprised with how accurate you were.

Thinking now, a lot of the info in your report I had a feeling about but it’s good to hear it and now I’ve got to do something about it.

KW WDF [Dec 2012]

I wanted to give you some feed back on your consultation as I feel I need to tell you this for your dedication to your work.

I did follow up on the left ovary issue as you mentioned a problem in your report. I got the results yesterday from my doctor saying…………..I have 2 cysts in left ovary and one in the right.

Blood tests were done to find the tumour markers as to what type of ovarian cancer i have. I was in total breathless shock when told results by doctor.

Everything you told me was correct all of it really.

I knew when i saw you that i had a concern as to some health issues, you just confirmed it for me

and so i acted on it.. ………THANK YOU  SO MUCH

My doctor did not believe me. Wanted to know why i wanted tests. I did not tell her  till after results

She  just looked at me in disbelief……….as i said to her the results speak for themselves.

HH Sydney [Feb 2013]

The Lymphatic herbs you gave me have worked really well on my acne and also helped the glands around my throat to reduce to normal size

BS Sydney [Feb 2015]

Got good news. It looks like your treatment has worked. For the first time in ages my period is flowing. More normal like a period should be. For the last year or so it’s been pretty non existent. My system is feeling good.

LD Melbourne [Jan 2015]

The Arthrex is doing me a lot of good – the pain in my wrists has nearly disappeared. If I have typed too much during the day, my thumbs get very sore – that is all.

PC NZ [April 2014]

I’m going to read up more about iridology – this has been fascinating. In the short period that I’ve stopped eating red meat and wheat [as you suggested after reading my eyes] my body feels so much better.

JT [April 2014]

I just wanted to say thank you for the info and time you spent with me today. I honestly didn’t think you would find much, but was surprised with how accurate you were. Thinking now, a lot of the info in your report I had a feeling about but it’s good to hear it and now I’ve got to do something about it.

CC SA [March 2014]

As a child I was subject to chronic mental, physical and sexual abuse. This lead to complex-post-traumatic-stress disorder as an adult. I had trouble with memory, amnesia, a feeling of not being able to cope, a feeling of constant stress, poor self esteem, no concept of self with at times total mental breakdown. Suicidal thoughts were constant and I first attempted suicide at 16. I used pharmaceutical drugs to cope but had many difficulties with side effects.

After using some natural remedies I no longer have suicidal thoughts or depression and I sleep better. It is like I have woken from a fog. I feel as if I might now survive. I feel fantastic.

PL Mt. Eliza Vic. [Dec 2012]

“We are so happy with our little 6 year old boy who has eczema. He has the best skin he has ever had for a long long time!! Also my aches and pains have greatly decreased. So I will continue to take the items your recommended!”

JH, Brisbane [June 2011]

“I had some iridology with you at the Brisbane Body, Mind and Spirit Festival.  I also bought the Digestone supplements and a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice.

I’ve been having fantastic results already, in the way that toilet function has become very regular and of a normal consistency in this last week.  I have been experiencing loose stools for the past 4 months and thought it due to eating wheat, dairy and soy that I’m intolerant to plus some stress from a family member being seriously ill. Obviously I have other digestive issues that will need more time (you mentioned leaky gut and not being able to absorb magnesium) but I was very surprised at this change for the better.”

Paddy Spruce, Melbourne [June 2011]“Thank you for this wonderfully comprehensive report. I have seen two specialists and three different GPs, all of whom couldn’t identify a cause or a cure. The nearest one Dr came to suggesting a problem was a definite diagnosis of asthma which was proved wrong. I have kept on trying on my own while eating well and exercising which I have done all my life.Thank you for being so prompt and so thorough. I will keep you informed of my progress. You are a true professional and I would like to have your assistance to get back and maintain a high level of well being.”

Zoran Novicic, Sydney [October 2010]

“When you examined my irises at the last MBS in Sydney you told me (among other things that were immediately undisputable) that I had a ‘weakness in the groin area”. That did not resonate with me at all, at that time, as I could not recall any such problem ever in my life. Nevertheless, after a week or so I developed a cold and started coughing. Next I realised that I felt a discomfort in lower abdomen when I coughed and that was followed with a discovery of a lump in the area. I remembered at once what you said and went to see my GP. A few weeks later I had my hernia operated on and have ever since stood in a deep awe to you and your practice.”

Joelle, Mulgrave VIC“I would like to order another cycle of supplements that I had the last time, as I need to start again. My body felt really good and thats the best its felt in a long time with out the pains, headaces and everything else that I use to suffer with. I can feel my body slipping back into that stage again so I want get it started before it gets to that stage again.”

Daisy, Samford QLD“I recommend Gary because of my personal experience. After having my eyes photographed, Gary gave me a diagnosis and suggestions to take specific nutrients. Within 24 hours I was feeling pain/ache free and I have more energy. My experience could be different to yours but I highly recommend you give Gary a try.”